Life Planning Exercise: Visualizing Your Perfect Day

Creating a Life Plan Part 2: Visualizing Your Perfect Day

When working with clients on Life Planning, I often find that their ideal world is not extravagant.  In most cases, what they want is more time, space and experiences with the ones they love.  Though we provide more in-depth, hands-on life planning and coaching as part of our financial practice, here is a simple exercise you can do on your own.

Visualizing Your Perfect Day

Start by thinking about what an ideal day would look like for you.  Mindfulness expert Tara Brach has a great quote that reminds us we are living life each day, and life doesn’t begin at some point in the future:

“How you live today is how you live your life.” Tara Brach

What would you do during your perfect day?  Think about it from the minute you wake up (at your ideal wake-up time) until you lay your head back on the pillow at night.  How would it start?  What rituals or events would be important to you?  Who would you interact with?  How would you feel?  Don’t think about potential obstacles, just focus on visualizing your perfect day.

If you lived this perfect day each day, what would happen to the quality of your life?  How would your relationship with others change?

Turning Your Vision into Reality

As you’re visualizing your perfect day, write down all the details. Then, consider sharing what you wrote with someone—a spouse, partner or friend. Research shows that we are 62% more likely to achieve our goals just by writing them down and sharing them with a friend.

What are the small things you can implement now?  Who can you partner with to create a plan so that each day looks more like the perfect day you envisioned? In my opinion, a financial advisor and career or life coach are invaluable partners when it comes to living your best life.

Your financial advisor can help you understand what financial resources you currently have available to you and give you a financial plan to help you achieve the life you want. You may find out that you already have the financial resources you need to live your perfect life. At the same time, a career or life coach can help you overcome any other barriers standing between you and your ideal life.

Remember: “How you live today is how you live your life.” It just might be worth it.

If you’d like to work with a firm that combines financial planning with life planning to help our clients live their best lives, Sea to Peak Financial Advisors may be able to help. Please schedule a call to get started.