Three Secrets to Longevity from a 97-Year-Old

Three Secrets to Longevity from a 97-Year-Old

Lately, I’ve been thinking about longevity – how to not only live longer but also fully. I know many are struggling in the pandemic both from Covid-19 and other health-related issues caused by stress and sheer poverty.

It’s a privilege to live a long, healthy life, yet many of us take it for granted. I know in the past I have. Still, I’m always fascinated and inspired by octogenarians who are not only active in their later years but thriving.

Longevity in Action

We recently had the opportunity to visit Steve’s parents in the U.K. (after many, many covid tests and some quarantining). They have a full life. His mom has taken her art to a whole new level and is applying for an advanced art course that required more than 30 submission pieces. Meanwhile, his dad has a key role in finance at the local flight museum, which combines his royal air force background and private pilot skills with his accounting career.

While visiting them, I met Pam at a community coffee gathering (outside). Pam is vibrant, lives on her own, and still walks to church on Sundays. She’s also 97.
Pam asked where in the states I lived, and when I replied, “Seattle,” she said, “oh where they have IT.” She not only knows about technology but uses it by having Alexa read to her when her eyes are tired.

I asked her the secret to aging so well. Once a physical therapist, Pam said she now does exercises before she even gets out of bed. She also only eats two meals a day – breakfast and lunch—which she credits for keeping her fit. And she reads a lot, which keeps her mind going.

The Secret to a Long Life

Pam was a pure joy, and many of us would be lucky to be in her shoes at 97. If you want to learn more about aging well, check out this Secrets of a Long Life segment, featuring Dan Buettner of The Blue Zones, from my friends at Mission Wealth.

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