Sea to Peak’s One-on-One Full Day Retreat

Insights that empower and inspire you.

Few of us can actually say we’re money wise or fluent in finance, but soon you can. Our Private Wealth Retreat® takes a very personal approach to “cracking the code” in translating very sophisticated ideas into clear ideas that empower you.

  • You’ll overcome your fears about choosing smart financial solutions
  • You’ll turn lack of investment interest into inspired insights
  • You’ll be empowered to embrace life and financial planning
  • You’ll learn how to pick the right financial advisor

The luxury of individualized planning in a beautiful setting. Envision yourself rested and relaxed in a spacious, luxury suite. In this setting you’ll be transformed in understanding the “psychology of money” – the inner and outer workings of finance.  Providing guidance when you need it most will be Steph Bruno, an expert in financial wealth, who has a special focus in supporting successful women and couples.

Together, we will work on:

1) Developing Your Money Story. You have a money story whether you know it or not. It involves the way your grandparents and parents managed money and how this influences your perspective. We’ll explore how this family history impacts the decisions you make about your current wealth. What influences growing up affect your thinking today? What financial mindsets about yourself could be limiting your potential?

2) Focus On Values. What personal beliefs need to be incorporated into your financial plan? What internal compass do you have that should be the key driver in bringing purpose to your wealth?

3) Identify Aspirations And Vision. We’ll create inspiration around your wealth. What do you want your money to do for you and others?

4) Wealth Integration Focus Session. What action steps should you and your advisor take to protect your wealth? Who/what resources can help you achieve this?

5) Executive Investment Brief. This insightful overview explains what you need to know about investments. What are stocks, bonds and alternative investments and why should you invest in them? We’ll also cover the right questions to ask your advisor about your investments.

6) Developing The Right Advisory Team. You’ll learn how to interview your advisors. We’ll look at how different advisors get compensated. What are the industry’s best credentials? When do you need a wealth manager versus a financial advisor?

How Money Becomes Wealth.

By the end of this full-day retreat you will literally have a wealth of insights you can apply for a lifetime. You will undergo a dramatic change in how you view money and the newfound confidence you’ll possess based on clear insights and enduring strategies. All while being surrounded in a relaxed and inspiring setting with delicious nutritious meals.  Additionally, you will have options for reflection and relaxation on your own to wrap up the day.

Your Private Wealth Retreat® will provide Key Take-Aways that will center you in your financial world – ideas that enable you to stay ahead in managing your financial life or in making difficult decision with your advisory team.

“This private one-on-one retreat is very unusual in the financial planning world.” 

Kristin KeffelerOwner & Founder of Kinetic Enterprise

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