Planning For Joy

By Stephanie Bruno 

I would like to kick off this year – this decade – with joy.   When I started what would become Sea To Peak Financial Advisors in 2012, it was with the goal of truly making a difference in people’s lives.  My aim was to provide world class investments and to bring forth my best planning work, all with a goal of improving my clients’ lives.

I also wanted to eliminate financial jargon and help people push away any shame of feeling like they should know more about their investments and offer a financial planning process that was approachable and inspired joy.

As we begin this year, let’s remember to add joy. How in the busy lives that we have, will we carve out time for joy?  Will we take a mid-week vacation day to ski?  Will we laugh more with family and friends?  Will we read a good book for ourselves or to someone else?  These seemingly little things are what we will remember and be remembered for at the end of a great life.

I think of this as I am visiting my dad who has lived long and is now closer to the end than I would like.  Tomorrow I will ask him as I always do to tell me a story about his life.  I have heard all of the stories, but I never tire of hearing him tell them to me.  His face lights up when he tells the one where his whole neighborhood in Little Italy of New Orleans pitched in to buy his high school graduation ring since he was the first in the neighborhood to graduate from High School.  He might tell me one involving work in his lab as a chemist.  Or maybe the one where he met my step-mother during his second act as a dance host on cruise ships.

These are the stories he remembers.  The ones with joy.  May you find some joy for yourself this year.

Happy New year.