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We work with executives and professionals who have complex financial lives and little time or ability to manage them.  We help clients who want more than a financial advisor. They want someone who can improve the impact of money in their lives. Our approach is non-traditional and liberating.

We bring 20+ years of experience to our planning, investment management and life coaching to clients.  Our practice is intentionally limited so that we can live our own dream of delivering the highest level of work to engaged clients while also allowing some time for fun.

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Our Work

Fiduciary Management

It is All About You.

When we work with clients, we work only as a fiduciary.  This means we must do what we think is best for the client.  Your needs come before any needs or values of our own. It also means that we’re independent – not tied to one way to manage money or any particular investment manager.  We can truly bring our best thinking to clients.

Each client has an investment plan tailored to their individual goals, aspirations and risk tolerance.   We then maximize client resources by implementing their plan with world class investments.  Next we monitor the investment plan and other available investment opportunities so we can continue to bring forward our best work. All arrangements are flexible to keep up with an evolving investment landscape and clients’ changing lives.

Wealth Confidence

A multi-phased approach

We developed The Wealth Confidence™ System based on our years of helping executives through the financial and investment process.  It begins with the creation of a Money Meaning Map which includes everything important to you and your financial life.  We also create a one page financial plan to give you clear direction on how to turn your money into meaning with confidence.

We begin with the topics that are most important to you. Our executive clients usually find it helpful to address one planning item each quarter, but we go at your pace. Financial planning shouldn’t be a “have to do”, but instead a “look at what I can do.”

How Compensation Works

A Straight Forward Process

When we meet new perspective clients, they are often curious about how we get paid.  First, we are fee only investment advisors which means we are paid fees for services provided.  We do not accept commissions or have any other source of compensation or revenue sharing. Second, should we work together, all fees are disclosed in our investment management agreement.  These fees are transparent which means you can see them deducted from your investment account. There is never any guesswork as to how much we are being paid which you can then weigh against the value you are receiving.

We have one combined fee for planning and fiduciary investment management services. For clients with investment assets between one and three million our fee is 1% a year. For clients with three million or more our fee is .85%.   Investment management fees for clients with assets under management under one million is 1.15% and minimum fees may apply.  Further reductions are available for larger households.  Please refer to your investment management agreement for details on your specific fee schedule.  These fees are pro-rated and taken quarterly from the investment accounts and there are no additional fees for planning.  Client investment reports show performance after fees so clients understand the real return they are receiving.

That’s all there is to it.

Thriving Retirement Plan

Steph’s Story

My parents married young and, typical for the time, my dad went to work and college and my mom stayed home and raised the kids.  At the time my mom thought that was a pretty good gig, but by the time I came along, as the last of 5 children, my mom had decided that being financially dependent on someone else was a disadvantage to her.  Because of this, she raised me to get a good education and to become financially self-sufficient.  My dad was the son of Italian immigrants, earned advanced degrees, and loved being a chemist until the day he retired.

Inspired by both of them, I worked throughout high school and college and earned degrees in both Finance and English.  I started my career in private banking. In order to become financially more secure and to learn from bright minds, I went to work for a Fortune 100 financial firm. There I got to see the financial world from behind the Wizard’s curtain and I obtained some of the industry’s highest regarded certifications including Certified Financial Planner®, Chartered Life Underwriter®, and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®. Later I also became a Certified Private Wealth Advisor®and a Retirement Manager AdvisorSM.

After the Fortune 100 firm, I returned to personal advising, advancing to run the wealth management shop for a large regional accounting and consulting firm. I learned the value of working in collaboration with all of a client’s advisors.  After a while, I came to understand that we weren’t fully serving our clients in the best way that we could.  We created great financial and investment plans and in the end our clients had more money, but many of them were less happy.  I made the decision to increase the scope of my work to help my clients uncover the things that mattered most to them: goals they either didn’t know were there or didn’t know where to begin. We call this life planning which we combine with more expected financial and investment planning.

In our family, our life plan has brought us to Seattle where my husband Steve de Beer serves as the head of Westside School.  I split my time between Denver and Seattle and I am honored to have a practice where I am not constrained by the solutions I offer or the services I provide.  I work mostly with executives and professionals or those who once were. Hard working folks like us who want their money to make a difference in their lives.  Like my dad, I love the work that I do.  I honor my mom by serving as board chair of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and I look forward to contributing to the Seattle community as well. Steve and I are lucky to have two smart and accomplished daughters, Emma and Leah, who are both college students and three lovable dogs.

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Our Team

Kristi Kearney

Helping people has always been at the core of who I am.   In fact, as a child I very much wanted to be a doctor.   However, It didn’t take me long to discover that I was a little too squeamish for the necessary rigors of daily doctor life.   Along with an interest in biology, I have a natural skill set in math and finance.  As a teenager, my first job was as a bank teller, and I LOVED IT!   I went on to complete my undergraduate degrees in both finance and accounting, and a masters in accountancy.   I jumped into the corporate world with both feet by achieving my CPA and joining one of the “Big 4” accounting firms, Deloitte & Touche, right out of school.   While I was certainly grateful for the incredible work experience I gained, I knew that I was not long for the life of 80 hour work weeks and absolutely no work/life balance.   I worked another two years in financial services before welcoming our first son, Ben.   This was an eye opening experience, and I decided to take a break from the corporate world for good.  Two years later, we welcomed our second son, Mikey, and I spent his first two years at home with both of my children.  While each family has to decide what is best for them, this was a great opportunity for me and fully supported by my wonderful husband, Brett.

After this break I was recharged and ready to pursue my original dream of helping people.  It was time to help people create their own harmonious balance between work and family and to enable them to be present for those special moments that give life meaning.

I joined the financial planning industry and am a candidate for CFP® certification.  I have gained valuable experience, but more importantly I gained clarity as to who I wanted to help and why.

I provide financial peace of mind to dual-physician households. Through interviews with medical professionals, I developed an understanding of their demanding lives and the complex financial decisions they face.   Our communities rely so much on our medical professionals.

Doctor couples should be able to focus one hundred percent on their patients while at work and one hundred percent on enjoying life when they are not.  I love helping them navigate the complex financial decisions that are added to their plates.

I help my clients reach retirement on their terms and guide them to financial well being.  By helping physicians and dual physician households, I honor my own interest in the medical field while supporting these everyday heroes with sound financial advice and more time for the things that are important in life.   I am Kristi Kearney, a dedicated fee-only Financial Planner.

Jennifer Lamson

Jennifer has served as a curator of care for more than 20 years in various industries.  Most recently she managed client operations and compliance at a Denver financial advisory firm.  Jennifer provides the highest quality of care to clients and the utmost in attention to detail.  At Sea to Peak, Jennifer is in charge of handling and expediting client requests. Jennifer graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with further study in accounting.

In her spare time Jennifer loves to garden, cook delicious food from that garden and spend time with her two amazing daughters.

Dynamic Wealth Advisors

When Steph started her firm, it was with clients in mind.  She wanted to bring her 20 plus years of experience to her clients and not be bogged down in the areas where she could not add value.  She found a great partner in Dynamic Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Dynamic oversees Steph and the firm from a compliance perspective and provides assurance that we are doing the utmost to serve clients and meet regulatory guidelines. Dynamic also provides operational support so that Steph can focus on overseeing client investments and planning. They support the Sea To Peak team and their clients.

Dynamic offers investment advisory services to individuals, high net worth individuals, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, pension plans, profit sharing plans and businesses through investment advisor representatives such as Steph.

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