Life and Financial Planning

You have goals, but how much do you need to make them happen?   The answer is dependent on many factors such as how much you want to spend, what you want to leave for others, the risks you are willing to take, and more.  So, in other words, there is no one answer that works for everyone.

Developing financial and investment plans around what is most important, will create the most success in life. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in creating sound investment and life plans that work together to help you meet your goals.

A Good Plan

A Guide To Get You There.

You are unique and your financial plan should be too.   A financial plan is a tool to give you options; it is not meant to constrain you. It’s all about choice.  We start with what you want your life to look like and then create a plan to guide you there. A good plan can also help you understand how the assets you are building can turn into income later.  Our team of Certified Financial Planners® and Certified Private Wealth Advisors® are here to guide you in making smart financial decisions.

Planning For Success

Live the life you love.

What is it all for if we are not loving the life we live?  We often find that people think they should be doing one thing or feel that they can’t do something.  Let’s dream a little.  What’s really going to make a difference in your life?  How can we start that now or in three years and not wait until you retire or the kids go off to college.

Developing financial and investment plans around what is most important, will create the most success in life.

Our team has completed the Coaches Training Institute’s rigorous program to become Co-Active Coaches as well as The Kinder Institute’s life planning program.

How we work

We combine a focus on the joy and inspiration in life with more expected investment and financial planning. We eliminate the anxiety often associated with this planning as we help clients make smart decisions while keeping the process relaxed, engaging, and inspiring. We organize your financial life and do it with competence, confidence and transparency.

How to get started

It all starts with just 15 minutes of your time.  A quick call to understand what you are looking for and explore whether we could possibly be the right fit to help you.  We hope so but if not, we will be glad to recommend the person we think can best help in your situation.

The next step is an in person meeting where we will talk about the things that are important to you, your goals and aspirations, and explore what help you need in your financial life.  There is no cost for this meeting and we will not ask you to make a decision about working with us in this meeting.

If you want to see if we can add value to your financial life and have 15 minutes, email us at info@seatopeakadvisors to schedule a call. We do our initial calls on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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