Executive Planning

We work with executives and professionals with complex financial lives who don’t have the time or ability to manage them. At Sea to Peak Financial Advisors, we help you manage your compensation, benefit, and retirement plans so that they are working for you now and in the future.

Companies provide great benefits to reward you for your work, but often fall short in advising you on how to maximize them. The decisions you make now will also impact you later, so it is important to plan. We have years of experience and education to do that planning.  We will manage and monitor your 401(k) plan, guide you through deferred compensation elections, counsel you on your corporate stock positions and help you take advantage of all of your benefit plans.  And when you are ready to retire, we will help you make smart, tax-efficient decisions.

You work hard so let us do the work to make the most of your financial life.


Many Options to Consider.

You likely have a 401(k) or 403(b) plan and it may seem very straightforward, but there is a lot to consider.  The first decision is how much to contribute?  Also, if your plan allows for it, should you invest in the Roth account or the traditional account.? Then you need to make a decision about the best investment allocation and how this coordinate with your other investments.  You may also want to consider other retirement savings options if you have maxed out your contributions to your 401(k) plan. It is a lot to think about. We are here to help.

Deferred Compensation

Plan Benefits and Incentives

If your firm offers a deferred compensation plan, should you contribute and if so, how much? There are usually good benefits (and incentives) to participating in these plans, but what is the correct amount to defer and what is your risk?  Also, should you defer salary or bonus compensation or both?  Another important decision is the timing of when you will receive the funds.  It is hard to predict what the future has in store, but you want to make the election that best matches your goals and that maximizes tax efficiency given you will be taxed as income when you receive these dollars in the future.  If you have the ability to direct investments for your plan, you also want to coordinate these investments with your other investment accounts.

Company Stock

What to Know About Options and Stock Awards.

As an executive or professional, you may be rewarded with corporate stock awards or stock options. This can be a great benefit.  An informed decision should be made about how much you should hold in stock.  Some companies having holding requirements and other limitations on the sale and borrowing of stock.  There are also opportunities to put in place 10b5-1 plans which allows for the systematic sale of stock for insiders.  Other factors should be reviewed as well such as the ability to buy stock at a discount and to borrow against or hedge your stock position.  Also, when you leave the company or retire, how do you protect or liquidate your stock position?  Each investor and each company are different, so we tailor our recommendations for what is best for you.

Insurance Benefits

Understanding Your Coverage.

Most corporations offer life insurance and health insurance benefits for the employee and some offer it for their families as well.  They may also offer you short-term and long-term disability and long term care.  It is important to review these benefits and understand what coverage you and your family would have should a life or health event take place.  We also look at whether the insurance is portable and whether you need outside insurance.  We are fee only advisors so do not offer insurance directly, but can connect you with good advisors in this area and help you make thoughtful independent decisions about coverage.

Supplemental Plans

Maximize Your Benefits

There are a host of other benefits and plans your company may offer that we would want to review and make sure you maximize to your benefit. These plans are often complex and require good coordination with the rest of your financial plans and investments. We are trained to help you make the best choice and understand how these plans fit into your overall financial life.


Bespoke Investment Strategies and Management.

We also offer investment management through our Fiduciary Investment Services. You have an investment plan tailored to your individual goals, aspirations and risk tolerance.   We implement and manage your plan with high performing, low-cost and tax-efficient investments.  Your personal investments are coordinated with your corporate investment plans to create an overall investment strategy.  As a fiduciary, we make recommendations that we think are best for you and we are not constrained by what we can offer you. All arrangements are flexible to keep up with an evolving investment landscape and clients’ changing lives.

How we work

We combine a focus on the joy and inspiration in life with more expected investment and financial planning. We eliminate the anxiety often associated with this planning as we help clients make smart decisions while keeping the process relaxed, engaging, and inspiring. We organize your financial life and do it with competence, confidence and transparency.

How to get started

It all starts with just 15 minutes of your time.  A quick call to understand what you are looking for and explore whether we could possibly be the right fit to help you.  We hope so but if not, we will be glad to recommend the person we think can best help in your situation.

The next step is an in person meeting where we will talk about the things that are important to you, your goals and aspirations, and explore what help you need in your financial life.  There is no cost for this meeting and we will not ask you to make a decision about working with us in this meeting.

If you want to see if we can add value to your financial life and have 15 minutes, email us at info@seatopeakadvisors to schedule a call. We do our initial calls on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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