I am glad to say I’m safe and healthy here in Seattle and heading back to Denver next week.  While in Seattle I’ve been sifting through economic data as well as information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  I thought I would share some of this information with you so you can prepare in the event it comes your way.

First, I know I have said this, but if you are not a hand-washer, become one.  The CDC recommends washing hands under warm soapy water as long as it takes to sing the happy birthday song – twice.  The virus is spread mostly by people touching their face.  You can not get the virus through your skin – it has to enter through your nose, eyes or mouth.  If we can wash our hands and not touch our face, we will fair much better.  It’s not so easy as I have been catching myself touching my face all week.  

It’s also okay to not shake hands right now.  Steve usually high fives the kids every morning as they enter Westside School and now he is doing elbow bumps.  Also, we know it is much more contagious then the flu so keep safe level of distance between people who may be ill.  

What about the economic side?  The Federal Reserve Bank did lower interest rates a half point today to try and calm the markets.  The issue lies in the fact that we could face supply shortages and an economic slowdown as the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide.  After years of training for hurricanes while growing up in New Orleans and seeing my family survive Hurricane Katrina, here are some things you may want to consider:

  1. Consider ordering a 60-90 day supply of necessary prescriptions, needed over the counter medicine or supplies.
  2. Don’t panic, but have a good food supply on hand.  We’ve stocked up on cheese.  While I am happy to have Amazon deliver my toilet paper, I probably don’t want them delivering cheese.  And my husband loves cheese so a happy husband = having cheese on hand.
  3. Consider what you need to entertain yourselves, kids or grandkids in the event we are asked to avoid public gatherings or schools are suddenly closed.  We may all have to practice the Danish lifestyle of hygge.
  4. Stay calm.  Many are prone to compare this with the Spanish Flu which was devastating.  Keep in mind that we have had huge technological and medical advances since that time and the US knows how to innovate. 

I am scheduling regular client review meetings and I am here if you just want to talk.  I promise I’ll wash my hands before we meet.