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Financial Planning For Physicians and Dual Physician Families

When people think about a doctor’s lifestyle, they might envision a high salary and a magazine-worthy, picturesque life.  And while a medical career can be financially rewarding, there are several overlooked complexities that can make achieving retirement goals challenging.  Careful, tailored financial planning for physicians alongside intentional lifestyle management can ensure that you balance current needs […]

10 Key Steps to Help You Choose a Financial Advisor

While talking with new clients that have hired me as their financial advisor, many have said that they did not know there was a better approach to managing their financial life. They were either displeased or only moderately happy with their former advisor, but did not know how to make a change until someone pointed […]

The Importance of Financial Planning For Executives

A quick internet search shows that it’s not hard to find general financial planning advice. But general financial planning advice won’t work for you as an executive. Your lifestyle and finances can get complicated and you need advice tailored to the challenges and unique opportunities you face. To make your money truly work for you, […]