Achieving Your Ideal Life

Creating a Life Plan Part 3: Achieving Your Ideal Life

In our previous two blog posts, we shared two exercises to help you discover your core values and envision your ideal future. In this third installment of our life planning blog series, we focus on the final step in the process: achieving your ideal life.

Identifying Potential Obstacles

After working with our clients to identify their core values and envision their perfect life, we typically have a meeting to discuss all the potential obstacles that might get in the way of them achieving their ideal future. These obstacles may include anything from not having the right skills yet to believing they don’t enough money.

As you go through this exercise yourself, brainstorm all the things that could come between you and your ideal life. Whether these challenges are real or imagined, write them down. Keep brainstorming until you feel like you’ve listed every potential obstacle.

Overcoming Your Obstacles

Once you have your list of obstacles, the next step is to address each one individually. How can you overcome each obstacle to achieve your vision of the future? When we go through this exercise with our clients, we provide support and suggestions for how to conquer each challenge. However, in most cases our clients are able to come up with solutions on their own.

Tap into your creative side for this part of the exercise. And don’t forget to consider all the resources you have available to you. When your vision is important to you and truly reflects your values and goals, it’s much easier to push through all the potential barriers that stand in the way.

Achieving Your Ideal Life

One way to improve the likelihood of achieving your ideal life is to work with a financial planner. We show our clients how their financial plan may change if they pursue different paths and give them strategies to get closer to their goals. In other words, we give our clients the financial awareness they need, so they can make informed decisions for their future.

Once you know where you stand in relation to your financial goals, think about what small steps you can take today to get you closer to them. Is there a class you can take, or can you seek out a mentor? Even small steps can help you build enough momentum to turn your vision into reality.

When you align your mindset with your vision of the future and plan your finances accordingly, anything is possible. You may find out you’re closer to your goals than you thought. Or if your ideal life is more of a stretch, a financial advisor can let you know what you need to do to achieve it. Simply having this knowledge can be motivating in itself.

The earlier you get started, the better. If we can help you plan and achieve your ideal life, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.