The term life planning means different things to different people.  What it really means is slowing down and thinking about what you really want in life.

And then, creating and implementing a plan to make that happen.  It’s said that goals are 42% more likely to happen if you just write them down.  Think of what is possible if you create a whole plan for them?  When I created my own life plan years ago, I had a dream of having a financial practice where I could not only provide more traditional planning and investment services, but also help my clients use their resources to make a difference in their lives.

Six years later I am honored to do this work with smart and interesting clients who enjoy life.  As our lives evolve, so must our life plans. With my marriage to Steve, I became a step-mom to Emma and Leah whom I adore.  My life plan changed to our life plan and moved us from Denver to Seattle where Steve serves as the head of Westside School.  Emma and Leah are both attending small private colleges (which is also part of our plan) and that gave us the flexibility to go on this life adventure together.

The name Sea to Peak Financial Advisors is to honor the two cities I love and where I work – Denver and Seattle.  I am committed to Denver while also excited to be building a Seattle based practice. Both are fantastic cities with beautiful landscapes, excellent cultural arts and a wonderful sense of community. I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy both.

So now you know my plan.  What is yours?