Lately I have been working with new clients that have done a great job amassing their wealth on their own, but now that they are closer to some major planning milestones of sending kids to college, considering encore careers or retirement, they need guidance.

They often come to me saying we should have done more planning before, but in truth they have done a great job contributing to retirement plans and saving along the way.  Could an advisor have improved upon this, well a good one hopefully, but the main thing is they have done something and likely have more to work with than they realized.

With today’s technology individuals have endless options for managing their investments, but it also comes with a great deal of confusion in terms of risk appropriateness, fees and liquidity.  And if you don’t have a financial plan, it’s hard to know if the investments will support the plan.

Once you do move past the accumulation stage and are ready to start decumulating, how do you take the 529 plans, the various IRAs and Roth IRAs, 401(k) assets, investment accounts and pension and social security and turn that into something that provides cash flow to you when you need it?

Partnering with the right person should help. That means working with someone who is committed to not only helping you grow your assets, but also using them wisely when you need them. I recommend working with someone who is a fiduciary and has the skill sets to help you navigate your planning not only now, but in the future.


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